Pen and the politics of charity

Jul 24, 2014 — Has the Harper government declared jihad against Pen Canada? Margaret Atwood seems to think so. On Monday, Pen’s tiny Toronto office was invaded by Canada Revenue Agency auditors, who are investigating whether Pen has engaged in political activities that might jeopardize its charitable status. “Why does freedom of expression threaten them?” she tweeted.

Pen is an advocate for writers who’ve been targeted by repressive regimes around the world. It isn’t too fond of the Harper government either, and has said so, often. (Globe and Mail)


CRA auditing church-based advocacy group Kairos

Jul. 24, 2014 – The Canada Revenue Agency is in the final phase of an audit into the political activities of the church-based advocacy group Kairos, setting the stage for another potential conflict between the aid organization and the Conservative government.

The United Church of Canada, which administers funding for Kairos on behalf of a coalition of churches, is among the 52 charities currently facing a Canada Revenue Agency audit in relation to political activities. (Globe and Mail)