A tax environment to motivate and encourage Canadian donors

In his April 12, 2016, special to the Financial Post, respected tax specialist Jack Mintz poses some pointed questions about the obligation of and cost to government related to sustaining a tax environment that supports charitable giving in Canada. Mintz focuses his thoughts on the recent cancellation of charitable tax credits in the Federal Budget, a move that surprised the charitable community. (Imagine Canada)

Pour un environnement fiscal motivant qui favorise les donateurs canadiens

Dans sa lettre publiée dans le Financial Post le 12 avril 2016, le fiscaliste renommé Jack Mintz pose plusieurs questions pointues sur l’obligation du gouvernement, et les coûts pour ce dernier, liée au maintien d’un environnement fiscal qui favorise les dons caritatifs au Canada. Le point de départ de sa réflexion est l’annulation de certains crédits d’impôt pour dons de bienfaisance dans le plus récent budget, qui a pris le milieu caritatif par surprise. (Imagine Canada)

Why organizational values are so awesome and sexy

Today, I want to talk about Values. Values have been like the middle children of the nonprofit sector, wedged between the older brother Vision and the me-me-me baby of the family, Mission, whom everyone has to pay attention to all the time. Or maybe Mission is the bossy older brother, and Vision is the baby. Or maybe Mission is like the mom who makes us eat our vegetables, and Vision is like that cool but aloof cousin. (Nonprofit with Balls)