Don’t Let This One Thing Sabotage Millennial Interest in Your Company’s Philanthropy

If you care about Millennial recruitment – which you should if you care about the future of your company – you need to understand how to make these socially conscious employees feel connected to the greater purpose of your company. It’s not enough to offer a volunteer and giving program; you need to think about how to make this program inviting to employees of each generation, from X-ers to Boomers and beyond. (Business 2 Community)

From starvation to celebration: 5 ways your charity can help change the overhead conversation

A 2013 Muttart Foundation survey revealed that nearly three-quarters of Canadians believe that charities spend too much on salaries and administration. Another recent survey conducted on behalf of World Vision Canada found that 51% of Canadians believe that between 81% and 99% of money should go ‘to the cause’ with 32% of those surveyed actually believing the number should be 100%. (Imagine Canada)

Career Q&A: I want a higher level nonprofit job

How fast you will be able to make the transition depends greatly on the kinds of skills and experience you are bringing to the table in addition to the health of the job market where you are looking. The key to making any career transition is to be clear on what you want to do, your rationale for making the change and investing in the necessary preparations to start marketing yourself as a viable candidate these types of positions. (Charity Village)