How Nonprofits Can Increase Engagement Through Gamification

If you work at a nonprofit organization, you know it can be tough to engage your supporter base. Even though the work you’re doing to save the world is critically important, it’s hard to compete for people’s attention. This is particularly true for engaging supporters online, when you’re up against Tumblr blogs of adorable animals, playing Candy Crush Saga, and watching the latest TV episodes on Hulu. (Huffington Post Tech)

Women CEOs in Social Enterprises Earn 29% Less Than Male Counterparts

Gender differences in pay are ubiquitous at all organizational levels, including at the top. Entrepreneurship is hailed as one way for women to circumvent organizational norms and discrimination because as CEOs of their own organizations, entrepreneurs largely determine their own pay. Moreover, social entrepreneurship may be a particularly gender-blind occupational choice; evidence indicates that women are more likely to start a social enterprise. This opens the question of whether at the top of social enterprises we may see little or no gender pay gap. (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Charities, the economy and the 2015 federal election

The economy is forefront in the minds of leaders, political parties and voters this election. The charitable sector is a major component of our country’s economy with 8.1% of GDP, yet it’s rarely factored into party platforms, economically speaking. Chief Economist Brian Emmett discusses the existing awareness gap that charities and nonprofits can take advantage of the opportunity to fill. (Imagine Canada)

Les organismes caritatifs, l’économie et l’élection fédérale de 2015

L’économie est au centre des préoccupations des chefs, partis politiques et électeurs en cette campagne électorale. Le secteur caritatif représente un élément important de notre économie avec 8,1 % du PIB; or, ce rôle est rarement reflété dans les programmes des partis. Notre économiste en chef Brian Emmett discute de ce clivage et de l’occasion actuelle des membres du secteur de le pallier. (Imagine Canada)

The First Steps to Building a Foundation of Nonprofit Culture

In these days of stand-up desks and Google shuttles, it’s too easy to misconstrue perks solely as work culture, and it makes it hard for nonprofits to keep up. And while perks are certainly one piece of putting together a culture that works for your organization, there’s so much more that goes into crafting the perfect culture for your nonprofit organization. (Bloomerang)

How charities can take their impact to the next level

Jason Saul, the founder and chief executive officer of U.S.-based Mission Measurement, is one of the world’s leading experts on measuring social impact. He has advised global corporations such as Starbucks and nonprofit charities like the Easter Seals on how to measure their performance and improve their impact on the communities they serve. Here, he lends his insight into how charities can create a greater social value proposition. (Globe & Mail)