Thinking about the Charity Model and Systems Change Debate

There has been a movement afoot for the past 15 to 20 years that evolved out of a growing dissatisfaction with the charitable sector or more to the point, the Charity Model. Critics of the sector are nothing new, of course. And these criticisms are often based on unproven perceptions (e.g. there are too many charities), biases people have toward “the needy” (e.g. I made it through hell, so can you), and some that still boggle my mind like, non-profits need to be more business-like. (Anticipate!)

“Eh”ffecting Social Change: Canadian Style

Toronto’s own Furniture Bank was just featured in the Charity Defense Council’s thought-provoking “I’m Overhead” ad campaign. The series of ads is challenging the public to rethink what they know about overhead — and shifting the core narrative from one defined by cost to one that celebrates impact. As President & CEO of Imagine Canada and a member of the Charity Defense Council’s advisory board, the campaign has me dreaming of a new era for Canadian charity. The future I’m envisioning has me more inspired than ever. (Charity Defense Council)