System Change Agents: A Profile of Grantmaking Foundations Focused on Public Policy

In a newly released working paper created under the auspices of the Montreal Research Laboratory on Canadian Philanthropy (LaboMTL), Peter Elson and Sara Hall explore the complexity inherent in making policy changes over the long term. For this paper, a number of grantmaking foundations were interviewed at length to explore the nature, scope and strength of their engagement in public policy. (The Philanthropist)

5 Mind-Blowing Inventions From the Social Sector

Social impact organizations, entrepreneurs, and B-Corps are developing products, applications, and platforms to change how we approach some of the world’s most difficult challenges. When passion, determination, and collaboration are combined, the social sector can make huge strides forward. These are the kinds of breakthroughs the Collaborative + Classy Awards recognize and celebrate. (Classy)

Keep It Lean – Run Your Nonprofit Like a Startup

Just like startups, nonprofit organizations are used to doing more with less. When you’re responsible both to donors and the communities you serve, you have to be judicious with your spending. While this need leads many organizations to be resourceful and efficient, it’s important not to skimp on infrastructure, talent, and sustainability in order to reach your full potential. (Classy)