A Nonprofit’s Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Email Threats

Technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way nonprofits communicate and work with their volunteers, donors and supporters. While this has proved extremely beneficial for nonprofits and charities alike, it can also make your organization vulnerable to online predators. The best defense against online threats is to educate your nonprofit’s staff and volunteers on safe computer practices, starting with email protection. (TechSoup Canada)

Foundations taking a bold leadership role on the public policy front

The Lawson Foundation is a founding member of the Funders Working Group on Early Childhood Development (FWG-ECD), a group of 8 Canadian foundations that regularly come together to talk about the importance of quality early childhood education (ECE) and to look at ways to collaborate. Recently, the working group made the decision to play a stronger collective role on the public policy front. After all, it’s hard to see how we will see meaningful change on the ECE front without trying to influence public policy. (The Lawson Foundation)

The Most Important Part of Your Newsletter Isn’t In Your Newsletter

The most important element of your email newsletter isn’t part of your newsletter at all, it’s the places you send people after they click. Nonprofits spend a lot of time thinking about the content and design of their emails, but not enough time thinking about the landing page destinations users arrive at once they take a desired action from your email. (Nonprofit Hub)

Intuitive philanthropy

As fundraisers, we spend countless hours in training sessions on a vast array of topics: donor prospect research; social media; relationship building; direct marketing trends; crowd-funding; cause related marketing; sponsorship; working with boards and volunteers; motivating and managing staff; best practice in cultivation and stewardship and so on. While all of these topics are important to our professional development, so too is trust in our intuition. (Hilborn)