Change Work: Valuing decent work in the not-for-profit sector

New report from the Mowat Centre explores the concept of decent work and its potential for the not-for-profit sector. Decent work involves thinking about work “as a source of personal dignity, family stability, peace in the community democracies that deliver for people” and a mechanism for inclusive economic growth. The decent work movement presents an opportunity for the sector to act as a champion of working conditions and social policies that not only ensure dignified and supportive work environments for employees, but also support the overall health and effectiveness of NFP sector. (Mowat Centre)

Trekking the Ratings

President and CEO Bruce MacDonald applies the wisdom of Star Trek to the ongoing discussions related to the assessment of a charity on cost as opposed to impact and the systems that rate and rank organizations. The sector’s own Kobayashi Maru. However, like Captain James T. Kirk we can reframe the problem and be creative with our solutions. (Imagine Canada)

Les classements : un appel à l’action sur fond de stratégie intergalactique

Notre PDG Bruce MacDonald fait appel à la sagesse Star Trek pour discuter du débat persistant autour de l’évaluation et des systèmes de classements des organismes caritatifs selon leurs dépenses par opposition à leur impact. Un scénario du Kobayashi Maru propre au secteur, mais comme capitaine Kirk, nous sommes capables de redéfinir le problème et de trouver des solutions audacieuses. (Imagine Canada)