Sponsorship and shark attacks

Confused? Let me explain using an example from my university statistics class many years ago. Shark attacks go up in the summer, ice cream consumption goes up in the summer, therefore eating ice cream causes shark attacks. Right? Well of course not, but we use this logic all the time. Here is the sponsorship version of this argument: Dave got sponsorship for his event, Dave submitted a proposal to company X imediately prior to receiving the money, therefore proposals cause sponsorship dollars. (Hilborn)

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About Marnie Grona

Marnie Grona is a marketing communications professional based in Toronto who works for Imagine Canada as Director, Marketing and Communications. She has a Masters Certificate in Marketing Communications Leadership through the Executive Education Centre of the Schulich School of Business and studied marketing and advertising at the University of Winnipeg. She also has a background in arts marketing and management where she served at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

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