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All news relevant to the nonprofit and charitable sector in Canada as selected by Imagine Canada staff

Giving Together Has Exponential Effects On Communities

Philanthropy used to imply a flashy name and a big check. Today philanthropy involves many checks and many donors committed to working together to change lives and communities. Collective giving or giving circles, as they are known, have been quietly at work for decades. Now, they are front and center in the world of philanthropy as a movement that continues to gain in popularity, strength and results. (Huffington Post)

Nonprofit Communications: You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers

Many of us, especially in business settings, are afraid to admit we don’t know something. We worry that it is a sign of incompetence or weakness. I disagree. Actually, I believe that when you don’t know the answer, owning up to it is important to establishing trust with your coworkers and clients, the media and, in the nonprofit sector, your donors. (Nonprofit Pro)