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All news relevant to the nonprofit and charitable sector in Canada as selected by Imagine Canada staff

Donors behaving badly: How to navigate a challenging donor relationship

Donors: nonprofit organizations couldn’t function without them. Donors are rightfully thanked and praised for their partnership, their vision, their contributions and even their friendship. As one fundraisers reports, the vast majority of donors are “selfless people who love what we do and want to help with very little ego involved.” (Charity Village)

The Personal Philanthropy Project: Inspiring Canada’s Affluent to Give More

Canada. Our country. Our home. From far and wide, we are strong and we are free. We have often been envied as one of the best countries in the world in which to live, from our much-admired diversity, spectacular scenery, and the freedoms we enjoy. Oh, and of course there is the spirit of our people. Not only have Canadians been called some of the friendliest folk across the globe, showing kindness and compassion to our neighbours both near and far, but we have also been hailed as the standard-bearer of goodwill. (The Philanthropist)

Regaining a donor’s confidence

Fundraising is a team sport; successful fundraisers know we can’t go it alone. In part II of this two-part series, Anonymous shows us the importance of working effectively with internal constituencies and a process for doing so which turned a weakened donor relationship into a renewed relationship. (Hilborn)

4 Lessons Learned From a Stalled Capital Campaign

At Capital Campaign Masters, we recently invited people to tell us their most pressing campaign challenges and concerns. Some campaign challenges came up again and again. This is the first in a series of posts about campaign challenges and what you can learn from them. I’ve changed the name, but the story is real and one of several facing the same situation. (Nonprofit Pro)