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Companies with cause not charity

I was fortunate to attend the Companies and Causes conference recently. It was my first time at this conference billed as an opportunity to share and learn best practices in corporate and cause partnerships. And it was! The sessions were informative, filled with stories and practical tips. The speakers were engaging and efficient. There was a lot to be inspired by. However, there was one topic that came through in several sessions that caused me as a corporate fundraiser to pause. (Hilborn)

How can charities embrace the latest digital trends?

Ahead of the Institute of Fundraising’s Innovative Fundraising in a Digital World Conference, Erin Niimi Longhurst from Social Misfits Media interviewed keynote speaker Beth Kanter, a social media guru and US non-profit innovator, about the latest tools, embracing digital innovation, and the biggest challenges that charities face in this space. (Charity Digital News)

Study Finds that Corporate Sponsorships Negatively Impact Nonprofit Brands

When we think of the intersection of corporate philanthropy and brand, we typically think about the positive benefit companies receive through their commitments to community development or enrichment projects. However, a recent study conducted by researchers from Kings College and Vlerick Business School suggests that corporate branding of social initiatives might also have an unintended, negative impact on the nonprofit recipients themselves. (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Study of Arts Nonprofits Shows Donations Drop as Audience Numbers Rise

Despite a growing culture of performance measurement, the empirical evidence does not provide strong support of its relevance among donors. A plausible theoretical reasoning is that better performance outcomes create the image of success, making organizations look less needy. These results call for more research on the link between performance outcomes and philanthropy. (Nonprofit Quarterly)