Nonprofits Should Aspire to Be “Nimble, Networked, and Niche”

Tivoni Devor has written for NPQ before, including the powerful and popular “The Face of Nonprofit Boards: A Network Problem,” but the small, thought-provoking article we cover here comes from Philadelphia’s Generocity. In it, he says that as the large institutions we have taken for granted collapse, we must be ready to replace them with grassroots nonprofits that are nimble and niche and networked to create a more responsive safety net. (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Newly released 2017 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary & Benefits Report reveals current compensation trends

Compensation at nonprofits across the country continues to rise slowly for some nonprofit professionals, according to the new 2017 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary & Benefits Report. To better understand nonprofit compensation, we surveyed more than 1,000 participants who represented more than 14,000 individual employees from nonprofits across Canada. The results are gathered in our 2017 salary and benefits report, now available for online purchase. (Charity Village)