The Future of Nonprofit Leadership: Worker Self-directed Organizations

The dominant organizational structure of nonprofits is unsustainable. Nonprofit leaders are leaving the sector. In 2008, a national study, “Ready to Lead?”, produced by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Meyer Foundation, and, found that three out of four executive directors planned to leave their positions within three years. The major reasons they cited were lack of adequate compensation, burnout, overwhelming fundraising responsibilities, and a fear that they would not be able to retire properly. (Nonprofit Quarterly)

How the focus on overhead disenfranchises communities of color and fans the flames of injustice

In this political climate, when so many of us nonprofits are rallying to put out one fire after another, many of the things we have been used to and have been putting up with no longer make sense. Many of us in the sector have been making the argument against restricted funding and for general operating for years.  (Nonprofit with Balls)

Tips for Nonprofits on Measuring Social Media Metrics that Matter

When it comes to establishing a digital strategy, nonprofits know by now that we need to grow our online audiences. A big part of that is connecting to our communities through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But now that there is endless data we can monitor from all these social channels, is your organization aware of what metrics are important to track? (Nonprofit Quarterly)